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Biblical History Center

Hours: Tue to Sat, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.          Price: $$          Group Size: 6 to 8

The Biblical History Center in LaGrange, GA (formerly called Explorations in Antiquity) is a great way to learn about the culture and history of the Bible. Started in 2006, the nonprofit museum has 23 life-size replicas of items found in the ancient world, like tombs and goat hair tents, and 250 artifacts. Learn about various religions and how they worship while touring the grounds of the center and talking with costumed tour guides.    


The center offers a variety of programs to teach people of any age about the culture and history of the Bible. They include:
  • Archaeological Replica Garden Tour 
  • Biblical Meal 
  • Kid's Dig
  • Lectures
  • Time Tunnel
  • Shepherd's Bread Experience
Each of these programs provide a personal look at the ancient world and the people who lived during that time period. Some of them are private, while others can be done without a guide.

What to Bring

After reserving and paying for your spot online for a tour, there are a few items you could consider bringing on the trip with you. Some items you could bring are:
  • Hat
  • Pen and Paper
  • Camera
  • Cell Phone
  • Laptop (for Lectures) 
  • Sunscreen
The most important thing to bring with you, though, is an attitude for learning and relaxing.


"WE LOVE THIS PLACE! Super kid friendly and schedule ahead to get the guided tour with Vern! A hidden Gem and a must see!"PJ Dunn from Google Reviews

"This place was amazing. Gives me chills just reminiscing on our visit."
Danielle Regan from Google Reviews

"The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. The tours and artifacts were absolutely amazing. We participated in the Biblical meal and we visited during the Christmas live nativity experience, including animals (sheep, goats, donkey, camel...). The meal is a must! We learned so much as we heard about the symbolic significance of the various foods and Biblical stories. I definitely recommend this fascinating Biblical Center and I plan to go again to hear more about the various historical events."
slvf7 from TripAdvisor
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